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Welcome to JBLA, your station for expertise on all aspects of business libraries.

JBLA’s mission is to promote libraries’ commitment in local economy by providing business information services to citizens, NPO’s, and small businesses in the community. We aim to support the development of regional economy through our activity.

Our membership mainly consists of librarians from public, corporate, academic, and other specialized libraries, but also encompasses researchers, journalists, government officials and others who joined our group to pursue our mission together.

1. About us

Japan Business Library Association (JBLA) is a non-profit organization, established in December 2000, seeking a way how public libraries can be involved in the local communities and becoming an agent to support local businesses. We believe public libraries are a key to make the country a better place for people to live.

We aim to promote all kinds of libraries’ commitment in local economy. We support our members’ professional development as a business librarian and facilitate networking among members.

2. Activities

JBLA provides opportunities, which include, but not limited to:

  1. Seminars to be a business librarian; basic and advanced courses on service planning, advocacy, reference tools, and others;
  2. Virtual and real forum for networking among members;
  3. Recognition for business information service efforts taken at various libraries in Japan; and,
  4. Mailshot where members can exchange information, thoughts, and inquiries.

JBLA currently has two working groups. Their accomplishments are also shared with the members regularly.

  1. Collection Building Group:
    Developing a basic list of reference books, databases, books and journals which are “must-have”s when a library enhances business information services.
  2. Global Group:
    Studying current situation about business libraries and its services in other countries.

3. Board of Directors

Toshiaki TAKEUCHI (President)
Ryo TOKOYODA (Head Director)
Hiroki YAMAZAKI (Secretary, Vice Director)
Seiichi SAITO (Vice Director: Training, Collection building)
Takashi KOBAYASHI (Vice Secretary, Vice Director)
Akiko SUGAYA (Advisor)
Isao MATSUMOTO (Advisor)
Masaru ITOGA (Advisor)
Haruhiko ANDO (Public relations)
Koichi ISHIKAWA (Collection building)
Mitoe ONODA (Research)
Hiroshi KAMIYO (Planning)
Mika KOSHIZUKA (Research)
Hidemasa SHIMAZU (Collection building)
Shunsaku TAMURA (Research)
Kyoko TOYODA (Research)
Takahiro TOYODA (Training)
Nomi NAKAMURA (Planning)
Ryoko NARITA (Training)
Akira FUNADA (Training)
Akira MATSUNAGA (Public relations)
Chisato YUKI (Training)
Momoko YONO (Collection building)
Miyuki YAMADA (Training)
Naoto ITO (Training)
Nobuhiko KOIKE (Audit)

4. The number of the public libraries which provide business information services

Note) The numbers from 2000 to 2011 are based on the annual survey conducted by JBLA. The number of 2014 is quoted from the study carried out in 2015 by National Council of Public Libraries, Japan.

5. Membership (as of June 2016)

Individual members: 150 (from 85 libraries)
Organization members: 11
Support members: 2

6. Contact

Should you have any questions, please email jbla@fms.co.jp

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